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Coleman DayTripper Beach Shade

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Coleman DayTripper Beach Shade
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Take shade and privacy to the beach when you pack a Coleman DayTripper Beach Shade. The front awning provides extra shade, and the privacy door makes clothing changes simple. Sand bags keep the shade in place, and UVGuard material offers our highest protection from the sun's dangerous rays. The shade is also versatile. The back works as a wall, mesh window or door. On days you cant make it to the beach, take the shade to your kids games for extra protection when youre sitting on the sidelines.
  • Everything you need in one zippered pouch to get back on the trail after a flat tire
  • Privacy door for quick clothing changes
  • Versatile back converts to a wall, mesh window or door
  • Front awning for extra shade
  • Mesh inside pocket for water bottles and small gear
  • Sand bags anchor the shade when the wind blows

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  • Premium quality
  • Made with the finest of materials
  • Made In USA 
  • Backed by a 30 day no questions asked refund policy

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