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Dantona Cam-np120p Cam-np120 Replacement Battery

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Dantona Cam-np120p Cam-np120 Replacement Battery
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  • Model: dpt_PET-DOTCAMNP120
  • SKU: dpt_PET-DOTCAMNP120
  • UPC: 728286911208
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Rechargeable battery

Compatible with Mustek(R) DV3M, Mustek(R) DV4000, Toshiba(R) Camileo H30, Toshiba(R) Camileo H31, Toshiba(R) Camileo X100, Ricoh(R) DB34, Ricoh(R) DB43, Fujifilm(R) FinePix(R) F10, Fujifilm(R) FinePix(R) F10 Zoom, Fujifilm(R) FinePix(R) F11, Fujifilm(R) FinePix(R) F11 Zoom, Fujifilm(R) FinePix(R) F410, Fujifilm(R) FinePix(R) F410 Zoom, Fujifilm(R) FinePix(R) M603, Mustek(R) ADS120, PENTAX(R) Optio 450, PENTAX(R) Optio 550, PENTAX(R) Optio 555, PENTAX(R) Optio 750, PENTAX(R) Optio 750Z, PENTAX(R) Optio MX, PENTAX(R) Optio MX4, Ricoh(R) Caplio G4, Ricoh(R) Caplio G4 Wide, Ricoh(R) Caplio GX, Ricoh(R) Caplio GX8, Ricoh(R) Caplio Pro 300G, Ricoh(R) Caplio Pro 400G Wide, Ricoh(R) Caplio Pro 500G, Ricoh(R) Caplio Pro 500G Wide, Ricoh(R) Caplio Pro 500SE, Ricoh(R) Caplio Pro G3, Ricoh(R) Caplio Pro G3S, Ricoh(R) Caplio R330, Ricoh(R) Caplio RR10, Ricoh(R) Caplio RR30, Ricoh(R) Caplio RX, Panasonic(R) CGA-103450, DIGIPOWER(R) BP-NP120, Empire(TM) BLI-228, Empire(TM) BLI-248, Fujifilm(R) NP-120, Lenmar(R) DLF120, Panasonic(R) CGA-103450, Panasonic(R) CGA-E/101, PENTAX(R) D-L17, PENTAX(R) D-Li7, Ricoh DB-34, Ricoh(R) DB-43, Toshiba(R) PX1657 and Wasabi Power(R) BTR-DLI7-JWP
Warranty : 6 Year Warranty

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