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Aspen Winter-white Fashion Pet Parka Coat

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Aspen Winter-white Fashion Pet Parka Coat
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The pet life 'winter white' fashion dog parka coat contains thinsulate thermal heat retention technology specially inserted between the fabrics.This dog jacket features matching tone-on-tone inner fleece fabrics.The attention to detail along the backside are exquisite as the ribbed sleeves and inner fleece all match the details along the back side.You pet will stay warmer through those harsh cold weather conditions.In addition this pet coat features belly-velcro closures for easier on and off access.Available in multiple sizes.Sizing guide: from back of neck to tail area ("in" inches) 8" : extra small 10-12": small 14-16": medium 18-20": large

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  • Premium quality
  • Made with the finest of materials
  • Made In USA 
  • Backed by a 30 day no questions asked refund policy

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