Archery is a Sport for the Whole Family, which Requires Intense Concentration and a Steady Hand.

With all of the different sports out there, from soccer to football to golf, it can be a tough choice to find the perfect sport to fit your personality. If you are looking for something which does not require a ton of physical activity like you would find in soccer or swimming, then perhaps archery would be the perfect sport for you. Over time, if you find yourself making it to the professional levels, you can travel the world and meet interesting people and see unique places, all because of your archery talent.  Furthermore, archery is a sport which you can practice by yourself or with a coach – there is no need for several other people on a team to meet at one time just for practice. This makes archery a sport in which you are truly competing primarily against yourself to be able to make the best shots.

There are technically two different types of archery – archery hunting and archery target shooting.  Whatever kind of archery you are into, you will certainly need to make a visit to your nearest archery equipment store before you go out and try to down your first big buck or hit the bull’s eye on a target.  Aside from the bow (which novices should pick up at an archery bow sale), perhaps the most important tool is the archery stabilizer which allows you to hold your string and arrow stable to make a perfect shot every time. 

Once you have gotten all of the basics of shooting a bow and arrow, you should determine what type of archery you want to take up. Traditional archery requires an archery recurve bow which resembles a modern variant of the bows used by the Native Americans. Alternatively, more competitive shooting will generally require a compound bow with a variety of systems of pulleys and strings to make shots easier and an archery scope to allow you to better line up your shots. Alpine Archery makes a great compound bow which you should be able to pick up at any archery supply shop, be it online here at our glorious online shop or in a brick and mortar sporting goods retailer.