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Blancho Lzsa008-1 Sexy Black Sheer Small Cobwebbing Stocking 

Blancho sexy sheer stocking just like a second skin protecting you carefully and it can well modify your skin.Featuring a comprehensive collections of all our sexiest garments, including some very attractive new body styles & extremely sexy looks.This stocking was made by nylon, it has the floral fashion design which can well bring out your beautiful body, outlining the slender leg lines.The stocking looks super sexy under shorts, skirts or tunics, perfect for evening or everyday wear.It's sure to grab anyone's attention.1)patterned pantyhose is an interesting alternate to your everyday, basic hosiery.2)100% brand new, special & excellent design, fashionable & chic quality item.3)it can update your wardrobe, adding fun, naughty texture to the dullest little black dress.4)good easticity, one size fits most women, easy to wear and match.The essence of sexy! 5)these unique pantyhose wrap your legs in ultra seductive style and flair!

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  • Premium quality
  • Made with the finest of materials
  • Made In USA 
  • Backed by a 30 day no questions asked refund policy

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