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Attractive Wooden Lifebelt With Functional Hook In Blue

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Attractive Wooden Lifebelt With Functional Hook In Blue
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If you are looking for an ideal home accessory which can enhance room aesthetics, this wooden lifebelt hook makes a perfect choice. A wonderful addition to a child?s room, this attractive lifebelt hook includes a trendy contemporary design which can complement all kinds of contemporary settings very well. It features three lifebelts which are fitted with hooks, ensuring not only an attractive appeal but also practical use. Crafted to hold various clothing items, this lifebelt hook is ideal if you want to free up clutter while giving interiors a more attractive touch. It features a white and blue color combination that makes it pleasing to the eye and ideal for different homes. This eye catching lifebelt hook also includes a durable construction as it is crafted from quality wood which offers long-lasting performance.

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